REDODO 12v 2000w Pure Sign Wave Inverter

REDODO sent me a 2000w pure sign wave inverter to review. I seriously didn't hold back on the review. It powered a table saw, heat gun on high and a 1500w portable heater on high all at the same time! Crazy!

  • Redodo 2000W inverter reliably inverts stable power up to 2000W continuously from your 12V DC storage units to 110V-120V AC, easily fitting into your daily use for a wide range of electronics and home appliances. With surge power peaking at 4000W for load starting, this inverter has a general compatibility with most AC loads rated up to 2000W. Your “one for all” inverter choice at a 90% efficiency with minimized loss and maximized performance.
  • Providing Max. 18A continuous current, this inverter works great for microwave,coffee machine, and so on. Accepting battery voltage at 10.0 to 15.5V DC, suitable for muliple batttery types, exceptionally good for Redodo 12V LiFePO4 batteries, Redodo 2000W inverter is easy to install both vertically and horizontally with 2*(2*8AWG) 1.8FT Battery to Inverter M8 ring terminal cables and 4 mounting screws, plastic anchors.
  • Displays real time battery status including battery voltage, remaining capacity of battery bank, DC input voltage, AC output voltage, output power and load ratio, making it easy for you to have access to system performance, allowing autonomy and management in system adjustments and adaptations. With Over-voltage, Low-voltage, High Temperature, Overload indication, there will be minimum effort in troubleshooting and maximum convenience in everyday use.
  • Redodo 2000W inverter has built-in cooling fans, and the following protection functions: Over-voltage, Low-voltage, High Temperature, Overload, safeguarding your daily electricity employment, granting you relief and safety. With a ON&OFF switch at your disposal, you can also turn on or off the power as you wish. (Note: Please turn off the inverter during installation. )
  • Redodo provides considerate, user-oriented service and technical support.With a team of knowledgeable tech staff ready to help you tackle all the problems and provide a smooth, satisfying one stop for all shopping experience, Redodo is your loyal companion in energy sufficiency, cleanness and safety. Whenever you need, we’ll come to you and provide help within 24 hours.

If you want more information about this 2000w inverter, click on the link below:
Redodo Website
Redodo 12v 2000w Inverter Manual

BMK 12v 500w Pure Sign Wave Inverter

I bought the most inexpensive pure sign wave inverter I could find. I like the idea of having a very portable inverter. This video is what I found about it's performance! It really surprised me!

Pure sine wave, superior to modified sine Wave inverter, with greater drive capability, better protection to sensitive equipment, less audible, electrical noise and power consumption. Especially with Type C PD 18W, DC output, pure sine wave output operates even the most sensitive electronics, it's better than modified sine wave.
Provides 500W continuous DC to AC power output, up to 1000W surge capacity, converts 12V DC battery power to standard 110V AC. 2 IN-1 car power converter provides continuous DC to AC converter, featured with 2 AC outlets(controlled by on/off switch), 2 USB 2.4A charing ports for multi-purpose charging, 1 type-c port and 1 55*21mm DC Output Port.
100% safety-guaranteed with protection against overheating, over voltage, Low voltage, Overload, Short circuit, polarity reverse protection(fuse), THD. The Inverter will automatically overloard and shuts down AC power when the load exceeds 500W. You will need to switch the “On/Off” to “OFF”, correct the fault condition, and then switch “On/Off” back to “ON”. The ON-OFF switch only works for the AC 3-prong plugs.
The BMK 500W Car converter will solve your charging problems on the road, a long car journey, rv travel, camping and offices etc. Ideal for cell-phone, laptop, electric light, digital camera, breast pump, CPAP machine, nebulizer, game console, TV, electrical tools, microwaves and other electronics

If the above inverter is out of stock, consider this one from BesTek!

ALFFAA 12v 1500w Pure Sign Wave Inverter

The video above is the ALFFAA 1500w off grid inverter I reviewed. It is on the inexpensive side and very portable. I've been using it outside to help with lawn care projects.

Smooth and perfect sine waveform, just the same as home power/city power.
Under-voltage and over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, over-load protection. Cooling funs and ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection.Two LED indicators for the input and output.
Advanced pure sine wave technology provides quality AC equivalent to grid power which will protect over voltage damage your device.With its quiet and high inductive loads, no Annoying buzzing sounds.
Offers two built-in 5V/2.1A USB port, 2 AC Outlets and 1 AC Terminal Block.
Provides 60 month warranty for each item; nice and patiant customer service, provide solution mostly within 12 hours.

mxMoonFree 12v 5000w Pure Sign Wave Inverter

Here is a review video of the mxMoonFree 5000w 12v Inverter. This thing is a Monster!

Mxmoonfree 5000 watt pure sine inverter comes with LCD wireless displayer. You can easily control the inverter on/off from a distance of 10 meters (32 ft), and monitor the inverter output status at any time.
Converts 12V DC to AC 110V/120V household power with continuous 5000 watts output (10000 watts surge).
Adopts high-quality brand electronic components to control Idle consumption at ≤0.7a/8.4w, saving energy and money.
Pure sine wave with high quality AC equal to mains power will protect and extend the life of your appliances. Due to its quiet and high inductive loads, there are no strange buzzing and allow them to run smoother and quieter.
This power inverter 5000w has passed FCC CE ROHS certification, ensure the safety of the radio.
Designed with low-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection and built-in grounding design.
Mxmoonfree 5000W inverters provides 12-months warranty and lifetime technical support.

WZRELB Reliable 3000w 24v Inverter

Installing an off grid inverter is pretty straightforward as long as you know your system voltage. The most important part is using the proper fuse and wire size.

  • The DC to AC Power Inverter Converts 24V DC power from external battery to 110VAC 120VAC Power for AC appliances, Full power of 3000W Rated Power,6000W Surge Power.
  • Solid true sine wave inverter, safeguard your electronics and suitable for sensitive equipments like medicine machine,testing machine ect..
  • With a harmonic distortion below 3% and a peak efficiency 0f 90%,this inverter produces a clean electrical wave without an eccessive amount of heat .Equavalent design of heat radiation sink and intelligent cooling fans.
  • The 3000W power inverter is enough for normal use in a home power supply such as TV, Lights, Washing machine, kettle, kitchen machines, such as coffee maker, kettle, cooker, Oven, microwave, ice machine, fridge ect and also A/C air conditoner, Heater ect. Good use for office use of computer, printer projector ect. Suitable for sensitive testing machine, emergency medicine equipments and any other off grid power application.
  • Low no load current draw of under 1A,the power inverter will drain you battery much slower than many other kinds of inverter.Wide DC and AC voltage ranges.Friendly with most kinds of batteries.
  • All big branded mosfets with strong driving capacity. High quality true copper inductance filters the wave form, ensures the true pure sine wave AC output, safeguards your equipment.
  • WZRELB owns the exclusive technology of the pure sine wave dc to ac power conversion. With the most advanced software and hardware design, reliable inverter can ensure the reliable performance.
  • The PCB thickness is 2.00mm, which allows the stronger current floating on the circuit, increase the load capacity. High frequency transformer to transfer DC to AC, ensure the stable and full AC output.
  • mxMoonFree 4000w 24v Inverter

    • Mxmoonfree 4000 watt pure sine inverter comes with LCD wireless displayer. The remote control display the input/output voltage, output power and prompt overvoltage, low voltage, overload, short circuit and other situations in time, which is useful for you to grasp the working status of the inverter.
    • Converts 24V DC to AC 110V/120V household power with continuous 4000 watts output (8000 watts surge). Features with 4 AC outlets, one 2.1A USB port and 1 hardwired Terminal.
    • Advanced pure sine technology with high quality AC equal to mains power will protect and extend the life of your appliances. Due to its quiet and high inductive loads, there are no strange buzzing and allow them to run smoother and quieter.
    • This 4000W inverter has passed FCC CE ROHS certification. Designed with low-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection and built-in grounding design. Bulit-in intelligent cooling fan could works at different speeds to dissipating working heat faster.
    • Mxmoonfree provides 12-months warranty and lifetime technical support. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Each model has to be tested and inspected many times before leaving the factory. If there is any damage to the inverter, we are honored to provide you with effective support.

    48v Inverters are the best option for large off grid systems.

    3000W off-Grid 48V Solar Inverter with WIFI, MPPT charge controller inside.Output 3KW 110V AC Pure sine wave and 80A MPPT charge controller inside, Inverter and Controller Combine Hybrid Inverter.
    110V Split Phase Growatt inverter Output 110/120V(use two or more, can output 220/230VAC) 60Hz/50Hz can be setting, can be used in parallel with two different modes, Parallel operation in single phase up to 6 units, or max 6 units work together.
    Lithium Lead Acid battery support Growatt Solar Inverter 48 volt, AGM, Flooded, User-defined, Lithium able to select. 48V inverter with very detail LCD display and indicator allow you know inverter's working satuts and setting in easy way.
    MPPT Charger Inverter with Multiple working modes: 3 modes output working fit your load and 4 modes charging your battery. Output: Solar energy first, Utility first, Solar and battery energy first. Charging modes: Solar power first, Ultility power first, Solar and Utility, Solar only.
    48V Solar Power Inverter with Power balance/power saving function, You can choose if all the input solar energy to charge battery, Or solar energy will power your load and charge your battery at the same time.

    Grid Tie Inverter to get more out of my off grid system...

    I wasn't too sure what I was getting myself into when I purchased this Cheap Grid Tie Inverter. I seriously thought it was going to burn out because of the way I was planning on using it.

    It turned out to work very well and I'm still using it... Now I'm up to 11 hours a day when the sun is blazing!

    After 4 months this thing is still running great! Now I'm up to 15 hours a day when it sunny!
    Here is the link to my electrical use data so you can see for yourself how much money I'm saving every month! Updated monthly.
    Electric Cost Sheet