Solar panels are a vital part to getting off grid. The more panels, the more electricity you can produce.
Here are the solar panels I'm using.

PowerECO 200w Solar Panels

These are the first panels I bought. This video is a simple unboxing and inspection.

Newpowa 210w Solar Panels

These are the second panels I bought. These panels work great! This video shows how I have them wired.

SanTan Solar T-Class 250w Solar Panels

Here is my most recent set of panels. I bought these from SanTan Solar in Arizona. They are used panels, but still produce very well!
CLICK HERE to go to SanTan Solar's website to see for yourself!

Building a PVC stand for solar panels

An inexpensive way to ground mount your solar panels at exactly the angle you want. Plus, they are portable! Perfect for camping!

The Solar Charger controller is the brains of any off grid setup!

Check out this video on how I setup my Victron MPPT 100 / 50 Charge Controller.

Being able to keep track of how much you have in your batteries is key to a healthy off grid system!

Check out this video on how my system works. It goes into detail about the details a Victron Smart shunt can provide.

The Victron Smart Shunt can also be configured to show the Midpoint Voltage Deviation.