Off-Grid Appliance Runtime Calculator

Fill in the form below to find out how long you can run an appliance with your current battery bank.

Inverter Conversion Efficiency

How efficient is the conversion of your off grid inverter? Most inverters are about 90% efficient, so let's start with that. If you know your inverter conversion efficiency, please change.

What is the Inverter Efficiency %?

Appliance Voltage and Amps

Please look at the label on the appliance to find this information. Ex: My computer monitor is 115v and 1.5 amps.

What is the AC voltage rating of the Appliance?

What is the Amperage Draw from the Appliance?

Operating Wattage of Appliance:

How long does the appliance run?

Example 1:
My Refrigerator runs for 10 minutes every hour.
60 minutes in an hour / 10 minutes = 6.
24 hours in a Day / 6 = 4 Hours per Day

Example 2:
My electric kettle runs for 6 minutes every day.
6 minutes / 60 minutes in an hour = 0.1 Hours per Day

Hours per Day:

Daily WattHour Consumption:

Battery Bank Size

Please enter the battery bank size in Watt Hours. This can be figured by multiplying battery bank Voltage by Total battery bank usable Amp Hours

Battery Bank Usable Wh Total:

Amount of time the Battery Bank will run the Appliance: