This website is dedicated to helping you with your journey into the off grid universe!

My name is Jim and I've created a YouTube channel to show how to setup and make the most of your off grid solution!

YouTube Channel

I believe solar power is going to be the way of the future. In the next coming decades there is going to be solar power connected to every household.
Starting to understand how solar power works is going to be a very important because it is going to be a part of everyday life.

Click here to dig into the data of my 24v Off-Grid System!

I started with a very simple 12v off grid setup consisting of 2 - 12v AGM Batteries, 1100w modified inverter, 2 - 100w solar panels and a Rover charge controller. Check out the video of my setup and why I decided to dive into solar!

Thinking about getting into Solar?

If you're thinking about getting DIY solar, a small 12v off-grid system is a great way to start. It's safer and easier to install than a large rooftop solar system. Most places require you to have permits and professional licenses to connect a solar system to the grid. But building a small off-grid system can be surprisingly easy to do. All you need is some simple calculations and some basic electrical knowledge.

Here is first part of the upgrade from 12v to 24v

Now that I've upgraded to 24v I've got more battery storage, a bigger inverter and more solar panels! check out the upgrade process!

Second part of the upgrade from 12v to 24v

I've been wanting to upgrade my 12v system to 24v for a while now and I'm finally doing it! This second part shows:
-Figuring out how to wire my inverter
-Cutting more 2awg wire and screwing up the crimping!
-Showing how to wire a 24v inverter WITHOUT A SPARK!
-Description of my new setup.

Here is my system now! It's a 24v 300ah. That is a total of over 7,700wh! The system includes Battery Balancer, Victron Smart Shunt and all Victron Charge Controllers. It also includes a Raspberry Pi for data collection and a 3,000w Pure sine wave inverter. Not to mention the 2,600w of solar panels!